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Container Handling

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Container Handling Service

DGR & Perishable Cargo

Dangerous goods are strictly monitored by countries worldwide. At LIVRO, we work with our teams and partners at every port to ensure that our services follow the laid-out dangerous goods regulations stated by countries. We also understand the complexity and time-sensitivity of handling perishable goods. With our expert logistic services, we utilize innovative strategies to ship and deliver these goods promptly.

Container Lashing, Packing & Removals

Cargo Lashing is the process of securing the cargo to minimize the shift while being transported on a vessel. Lashing becomes extremely essential especially when the cargo is loaded onto the deck of the vessel where external forces are constantly encountered due to the motion of the ship in various directions. The cargo is secured by ropes, chains, cables, straps, nets, and strapping, which are anchored to the container and tensioned against the cargo.

Break-bulk, Ro-Ro, & Oversized Cargo

Under special circumstances, cargo size may qualify as oversized cargo and may need to be broken into smaller bulks. LIVRO Shipping ensures that all packages attached to oversized cargos are shipped, stored, and delivered together to prevent loss or damage. We have created tailored solutions for special circumstances that arise during shipping and logistics. We also provide Ro-Ro services for larger items like vehicles and machinery.

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