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NVOCC or Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier is a company in the logistics and shipping industry that provides ocean freight forwarding services without operating its own vessels/ships. NVOCCs are intermediaries between shippers – exporters or importers, and ocean carriers – the companies that operate the actual ships. For instance, Livro Shipping offers NVOCC services in Dubai.

Many exporters are confused between NVOCCs and Freight Forwarders and are unsure which ones would work better for shipping their goods. Read our blog to learn the difference: NVOCC & Freight Forwarder: What’s The Difference?

Knowing the difference helps to choose the best shipping strategies for your business. If you’re embarking on a journey as a new exporter, this can be both an exciting and a challenging journey. To navigate the complex world of international shipping and logistics, you need to have an in-depth understanding of what NVOCCs do and how they can be a valuable partner for the success of your business.

Let’s explore how an NVOCC can benefit new exporters and help navigate the intricate process of international trade.

Logistics Expertise, Simplified

The logistics and supply chain process can be quite daunting for most first-time exporters due to its complexity. If you are new to the industry, what you need is an expert intermediary who can simplify the logistics process of exporting goods. At the same time, they should be able to communicate the intricacies of international shipping, customs regulations, documentation requirements, etc. to you, allowing you to make informed decisions while focusing on your core business activities with ease. NVOCCs do just that.

Cost Efficiency

One of the biggest concerns for new exporters and business owners is the cost of logistics. Access to cost-effective shipping rates can change the way you operate your business. Here, NVOCCs play a crucial role – they have established relationships with various carriers and shipping lines, which can help new exporters secure affordable shipping rates. NVOCCs can negotiate better terms and pricing on behalf of their clients due to their bulk purchasing power, potentially saving new exporters money on their shipments.

Tailored Shipping Solutions

Every business is unique, and so is each export transaction. An NVOCC can customize its services to meet your specific needs, whether it’s choosing the most suitable mode of transportation, container sizes, or routing options. NVOCCs can provide tailored shipping solutions that align with an exporter’s specific requirements.

Documentation Support

Exporting involves a significant amount of paperwork and documentation. As a new exporter, you may need assistance with preparing and processing the necessary paperwork, such as bills of lading, certificates of origin, and export declarations. NVOCCs can provide these services and minimize the risk of errors that could lead to shipping delays or customs issues.

Container and Equipment Management

If you are new to exporting, managing containers and equipment can be a logistical headache for you. However, this can be taken care of by an NVOCC; they can take charge of container booking, tracking, and ensuring that the right equipment is available for your cargo, thereby preventing delays and streamlining the shipping process for your business.

Transparent and Easy Tracking and Visibility

The anxiety of potential delays or issues for new exporters is a reality. NVOCCs can come to your support with their advanced tracking systems that provide real-time visibility into the status of your cargo. This level of transparency will allow you to monitor your shipments and be informed about any issues, enabling better planning and decision-making.

Risk Mitigation

As a new exporter, you may be unprepared for cargo damage or loss. However, this is a grave possibility and one you need the right back-up for. NVOCCs understand the risks involved in international shipping and offer insurance options to help new exporters protect their goods during transit. They can also provide advice on risk management strategies to minimize potential issues.

Compliance and Regulations

You never have to navigate the complex web of international trade regulations and compliance standards alone when you have an NVOCC by your side. NVOCCs are well-versed in these regulations and can ensure that your shipments comply with all mandatory requirements, including customs, tariffs, and trade agreements.

For new exporters, partnering with an NVOCC can be a game-changer. Livro Shipping is an experienced intermediary, offering a range of benefits, from simplified logistics and cost savings to customized solutions and compliance with regulations. Working with us will result in many benefits for new exporters, including confident expansion into the global market. We act as a valuable ally, holding your hand through the often intimidating world of international trade and making the exporting process smoother and more efficient.

If you’d like to learn more about our NVOCC services in Dubai, contact us.

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